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Frequently asked questions about wholesale socks

Yes, we produce our socks in a family-owned company near Warsaw.
We fulfill orders from at least 100 pairs of the design.
Yes, we can divide your order into several sizes. We produce socks in sizes 41/46, 35/40 or alternatively 30/34, 26/29 ….
Yes, with at least one design. You can order 200 socks, 100 right and 100 left.

Production of the prototype is in our offer, the price is 120 zloty.

The price of the pattern on the page is the price of 100 pairs, just add the prices of selected patterns.

Delivery time depends on the size of the order. The average production time for an order of 100-500 pairs is 20 days, for 500-2000 pairs the production time increases to 25 days. The exact delivery time will be given to you when you place your order.